Is there any bullying happening in your organisation?

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Do you know if there’s any bullying going on in your organisation? Are you absolutely sure?


There are a number of steps to follow to build a truly bully-free workplace. The first is about creating a great culture, (you can check out the post we wrote about that here).

The second thing we want to talk about, is finding out whether there is any kind of bullying going on in the company. This is really important, because it means you’re able to identify how serious it is, and then put a place into place to tackle it. We’ll talk about that stage later!

There are two main ways to determine whether there’s any bullying going on. The first is to listen when someone reports it. When this happens you need to have a good solid plan in place for how to respond (we’ll get to that), but the important first step is to acknowledge that it’s been reported, and take it seriously. We can’t stress this one enough: Take reports of bullying seriously! This achieves three things:

– It builds a culture where your staff feel listened to, heard, respected, and like they’ll be taken seriously if they have an issue.

– It makes it clear that it’s important to you to have a bully-free workplace, and that perpetrators wont feel like they can get away with treating people badly and there wont be any consequences.

– You’ll be able to get to the bottom of what’s happening much quicker, because you’re paying attention.

BE Intent allows people to anonymously report bullying, and you can check in regularly on people’s state of mind and wellbeing, so you’ll quickly see if there’s an issue within a team.

The second way to figure out whether there is any bullying happening, is by actively going out and taking some measurements. This is another way BE Intent can help you: We can provide the means to do anonymous surveys, and give you reports on how people are doing. Our bullying course ‘Stop Bullying’ also teaches victims how they can report the incidents, so you know they’re getting support to come forward.

Keen to take action and sign your organisation up for the BE Intent Stop Bullying course? Email us on We’d love to help out!

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