Are your employees happy? How can you know?

Wondering how your employees are feeling? You’re not alone. Many organisations say they want to measure employee satisfaction, but don’t really know where to start.

lack_of_focusExperts reckon that the days of yearly engagement surveys are numbered, and soon to be replaced by more personalised and regular check-ins with employees. Finding out how people are doing on a regular basis leaves you able to respond to concerns faster, and means for more honest feedback. But what kinds of questions should you be asking?

Below are 7 great ideas for questions you could use; head here for the full article. Modify these questions to suit your organisation, or why not get your employees involved in the design of the questions? If everyone has a similar suggestion for a question you should be asking, chances are that it’ll uncover answers you’re going to want to collect. Of course, the survey doesn’t end with asking the questions, you will need to act upon the insights you gather!

Here are 7 ideas for questions you could use:

1. Name one process that, were it eliminated, would make you more productive. You might dig up some really useful info here, and have a shot at ending some serious frustration.

2. How transparent is management?
This is not to say you should be sharing everything with employees, but it’s good to know whether they feel kept in the loop, or in the dark.

3. Please rate the quality of the snacks in the kitchen.
Questions like this one might seem trivial, but it shows that you care about the answer, which by extension means you care about the opinion of your employees and how happy they are in their everyday work.

4. Can you list for me the factors that could contribute to your doing the best work of your life?
You might be really surprised, there could be small adjustments you could make that would up everyone’s productivity substantially – and if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

5. Can you highlight any recent recognition and acknowledgment that you have received that increased your commitment and loyalty?
Recognition is a key motivator, and essential in allowing people to do their best work. Which managers give good praise and recognition, and which ones leave employees guessing at how their contribution stacks up? This might be a gentle reminder to let your employees know how important they are to the organisation.

6. How would you assess your opportunities to grow and advance?
Research shows that if people feel like there is nowhere to go, they leave. Prevent that happening by figuring out where people can move to, and how supported they feel in growing their own capabilities.

7. How confident are you in the leadership of this organization?
This could be a tough one to hear the answer to, but it’s so important to know how employees feel about management. Do they have faith in the direction the company is heading? Do they feel they can learn something from the way things are run?

Read the full article here and let us know if you try any of the suggestions!

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