The days of static technology are gone! Exciting news…

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There’s something new for you in BE Intent… coming very soon!

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It’s about what’s important for you

Positive psychology is all about taking ownership of the things you want to change, and knowing that you’re empowered to make a difference. Our new format stays true to the core science the BE Intent tool has been built on, but it does give you a way to get there faster, customise it so it suits you, and focus on the things that are most important for you. You’ll already be used to using it, with many major websites formatting their interface this way already. We’re excited to be a part of this new wave of health care technology – always changing and improving the way we help you be your best self.

One day in the next few weeks, you’ll log into BE Intent and notice something pretty special… We’re releasing a brand new way for you to access all the amazing tools within BE Intent, in the form of an activity stream.

What’s an activity stream?

Have you ever used Facebook? Or Linkedin? Or Twitter? Well, think about the ‘timeline’ or ‘newsfeed’ aspects of these tools, and you’ll have a good idea of how your BE Intent is going to deliver personalised content to you in a way that’s more accessible and easier to use. Basically, all of the excellent information, tools, tips and interactivity, will now be shown to you as part of a live stream, that you can customise and scroll through as it suits you.

What else is going to be new?

We’re revamping the design and delivery of some of the tools within BE Intent as well. You’ll still be able to use all the features you know and love, but we’ve made them even better. For example, you’ll still be asked what you’re grateful for, so you can build a strong and lasting gratitude habit. But soon, you’ll be able to associate an image with your expression of gratitude, and see all your images build up into a ‘gratitude wall’ over time. You’ll see other rewards and incentives being developed too, so you’ll develop positive habits even more easily.

When will I see it?

Not long to go now! Keep your eyes peeled when you log in to BE Intent – we’d love to know what you think when you see it!


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